How to Throw the Best Football Party

September 3, 2019 12:00 am

Football snacks including hotdogs, popcorn, and some dipsFootball season is here, and the first day of autumn is near! Celebrate with your friends and family by throwing a fun football party to cheer on your favorite teams. Here are a few tips and tricks to make your football party a hit!

Decorations – Team decorations will make your party festive! Balloons and team banners are simple touches that will go a long way. For more DIY football party decoration ideas, click here.

Seating – Be sure that there is ample, comfortable seating close to the television for all of your guests. Outfit sofas and chairs with blankets to make friends more comfortable as they watch the game.

Food – What football party is complete without snacking? Keep your guests entertained by setting up food stations near your seating area. You can make your coffee table the main station, with a few plates of food scattered in other areas as well. For the best gameday party recipes, click here.

Beverages – Provide guests with both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. A variety of beer, wine and champagne are great alcoholic options. You can even create a signature cocktail for your guests to enjoy. Tea, lemonade and soda are excellent non-alcoholic options. Drink bins with ice are an easy way to organize beverages. To determine how many drinks you will need for your party, use this calculator.

Games – Spark up some friendly competition between fans. Partygoers can predict the outcome of the game, and the winner walks away with a prize! Download a scoring sheet by clicking here. If you have outdoor space available for entertaining, invest in some cornhole boards or build your own!

Protection – With food and drinks scattered around your party, you may find it difficult to keep your furniture free of messes. Use your coffee table as the center of the action and purchase a roll of craft paper to cover any surfaces that may be in danger. You can secure the paper with masking tape, which is easily removed and shouldn’t damage paint or finishes. Additionally, keep coasters within close reach of seating so guests are more likely to use them.

For more tips on how to throw a great football party, click here.

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